Customised Configuration

Concerned that a business-wide system may not fit your company structure or the way you actually run your business?

tmXsuite was built with complete flexibility firmly in mind. We know that you want to control the software, NOT the software control you!

The Perfect Fit

Whatever the company structure, tmXsuite has a configuration to match

Group Companies

  • Configure as many group companies as appropriate - each can represent a different location, legal entity or simply a new "virtual" instance to support an alternative budgeting structure or set of approval rules
  • Set up the company email signature which is auto-generated from data held in the employee record keeping costly admin time to a minimum
  • Choose how you want to format your outbound company correspondence - titles, logos, footers and layout are all customisable for each document type
  • Define the company's default and reporting currencies


  • Eliminate cumbersome manual signatures and automate even the most complex of approval processes - tmXsuite provides a virtually unrestricted framework
  • Approval routing can be conditional on any piece of data held in the system. Is the purchase order above a certain value? Is the project over budget? Is the delivery on time? Has the supplier been approved? It really is up to you!
  • Even the user workflow actions are customisable - ask for confirmation, prompt for a reason, provide a list of selectable options or choose the next approver
  • Shared functions allow commonly used workflow configurations to be shared, further reducing the need for repetitive setup

Accounting Entities

  • Applicable to one or more group companies, the accounting entity stores your general ledger and tax codes, posting periods and accounts integration options

Business Roles

  • However complex the organisational structure, business roles provide the flexibility to match; simply name it and incorporate it into your approval workflows and security options
  • Add or remove people or delegate during periods of absence - administration time is kept to a minimum

Reports & Alerts

  • You will no longer need to worry about key commercial events being missed or overlooked as the system includes a number of pre-determined reports which can be sent out at the intervals and to the recipients of your choosing.
  • Scheduled invoicing overdue for issue, overdue accounts receivable, unscheduled revenues, overdue timesheets and more provide more automation and less manual tracking


  • The Admin module is the engine running beneath every application within tmXsuite, storing all of the above configurations and more: cost centres, employee records, the keywords you want to see in your system and your reporting options. Configure your whole system from a single place!