One Common Platform

Minimise costs, maximise productivity

Time spent updating spreadsheets, searching for the right information and learning different software packages can represent a significant cost to your business and impact on everyone's productivity.

It's all connected

A truly integrated
business system

tmXsuite offers the unique proposition of a truly integrated end to end business system, combining financial and commercial data and creative content and bringing it all under one roof for a consistent look and feel regardless of context.


Key benefits

  • With all of your business data interconnected and accessible at the top level through one or other of the dashboard applications, you can seamlessly navigate across different business functions. From email to linked purchase order to project costing overview to project labour to personal timesheet to employee's how every business system should work.
  • A consistent and familiar interface across the entire system encourages user compliance and minimises training requirements
  • The powerful search engine means quickly finding the information you need, even within file attachments
  • With everything in one place, managing your activities and workload becomes effortless; generate your own Quick Notes task list or one for your team with each action tagged to content from anywhere across the system.
  • With the optional Accounts Integrator, even the time spent in your back end accounting package is minimised; with the data automatically populated from tmXsuite, manual data entry is no longer required and duplication of effort and costly errors eliminated