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Do you want applications that streamline business processes, eliminate human latency, and empower users with improved communications and collaboration?

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Who We Are

Kevin Rowland
Managing Director

Kevin was IT Director at Petreco Process Systems prior to founding Tormatrix. His involvement with Petreco had resulted from its acquisition of KCC Group & KCC Process Equipment where Kevin had been Finance & IT Director

Before joining KCC, Kevin worked overseas in a number of countries including Dubai, Libya, South Africa and Oman

Kevin received a BSc in Electronic and Electrical Engineering from The University of Bristol

Chris Pope
Communications Director

Chris has worked as a systems consultant in many sectors including engineering, manufacturing, accounting, food processing, security and consumer research. He has developed software applications for a number of different platforms.

As a qualified trainer, he has direct experience of how people actually use systems, and has a particular interest in developing appropriate user interfaces.

Chris received a BA in Modern Languages from Middlesex University