Contingency Planning

Just how prepared are you?

Many businesses have not evaluated just what such an event will mean in terms of lost business revenues, staff disruption and even lost customers let alone know exactly what they will have to do to get back up and running. Over the years Tormatrix staff have been involved in many projects planning for such events and are here to help.

Sleep well

Be prepared. It's
simpler and
cheaper to just
get it right


By understanding your business, and specifically the way in which IT is used within it, we will be able to implement systems and procedures that address the six keys to contingency planning


Depending on your in-house resources, we can remain involved, from regular updates and additional training to carrying out regular tests and even carrying essential replacement inventory..

Our objectives

  • Minimise potential interruptions to the normal operations
  • Limit the extent of disruption and damage
  • Contain the economic impact of any interruption

Our planning

  • Establish alternative means of operation in advance
  • Train personnel with emergency procedure
  • Provide for smooth and rapid restoration of service

After an initial fact finding meeting we will prepare a recommendation that can be discussed in order to arrive at a fully costed plan. From there on in you can leave it to us. We will carry out all the work and provide all the documentation and training necessary to keep you sleeping well at night..