Central Contacts

Success in today's rapidly changing and evolving environment is about working smarter

Locating a relevant supplier or key client contact without having to refer to others or spend the time maintaining your own private contacts list, has to be the smart way forward.

A "do-it-once" approach sits right at the heart of tmXsuite, as does tmXsuite Contacts itself, and by placing the latest contact information at everyone's fingertips you will save time, avoid wasted communications and minimise missed opportunities.

As you would expect, data here is used to automatically provide up-to-date, accurate business partner details in all forms of correspondence, requests, enquiries, purchasing documents, and invoicing.

The Smart Way

At the heart of your business is so much more than a shared address book

Business Partner Management

tmXsuite Contacts is not just a highly efficient centrally shared address book; it also delivers a host of management capabilities to help maintain the accuracy and relevance of your core data.

In-built tools handle contact relocation, merging of companies and the authorisation of suppliers and customers through a structured quality approvals system.

Key benefits

  • Partner information is kept relevant and useful through segmentation with your own partner categories
  • Maintains relationships and data integrity with account managers and product assignments
  • Background intelligence, such as agreements, price lists and discount plans, is easy to find with information documents located centrally
  • Quality approval and review workflow with controlled contact selection in other modules, reduces risk and makes adherence to your accredited procedures much easier
  • Integration with your back end accounts package cuts out duplicated effort and mistakes, and centralises maintenance of your business data
  • Data is kept current with tools to manage contacts that leave, or move to other companies
  • Data is auditable, even when companies merge or relocate
  • Companies and their contacts can be associated to form groups for greater visibility
  • Import tools make the use of third party contact lists easy