Rapid Returns

Discover the true value of bringing all of your business functions into a single collaborative platform.

The aggregation of all of your company data into one consistent and rapidly-deployed platform may seem like an impossible dream, but tmXsuite can do just that. The cost savings and impact on your bottom line are tangible almost from day one.

Saved Time

tmXsuite makes finding, using and storing data quicker and easier. When everything is integrated under one roof, time is not wasted searching for that contact, timesheet, purchase order or stock item, and effort is not duplicated.

More Sales Visibility

Instant access to the latest data whenever and wherever, even whilst offline, gives you the upper hand over your competitors, and does get noticed by potential and existing customers. tmXsuite maximises your chances of winning that next tender.

Fewer Project Overspends

tmXsuite manages project budgets in real-time, maximising the opportunity to recover overruns and keeping projects on financial track. And with budget detail as granular as you want to make it, you can rest assured that nothing will slip through the net.

Rapid User Acceptance

Implementing a new system doesn't have to turn your business upside down and tmXsuite was designed with rapid deployment firmly in mind. Unlike other ECM, ERP and in-house solutions which fail to deliver due to low take-up, tmXsuite delivers fast user acceptance, and disruption is kept to a minimum.

Reduce Operating Costs

A single, all-encompassing system means reduced operating and licensing costs compared with disparate solutions.

Reduce Risk

Mistakes resulting from the issue or use of incorrect drawing revisions or specifications, or the unauthorised approval of commercial documents, can be costly. With watertight control over key processes and document revisions, tmXsuite greatly reduces these risks.

Actual Results

Based on customer feedback, implementing tmXsuite has provided direct savings in operational costs, as well as estimated savings of up to 10%-20% in manpower resources due to improved business processes, automated functions and information availability. Cost savings related to tighter budget control and better management of technical and commercial documentation, whilst difficult to assess directly, have been generally acknowledged to have been far higher.