Document Modules

Content management is the essence of tmXsuite, but the following modules address the specific challenges associated with controlling and sharing data with key business partners

Project Document Control

  • Reduce your risk, save time and cut the cost of managing project documentation: with this single module we provide storage, control, distribution and analysis.
  • Maintenance of manual registers and transmittals is eliminated which helps avoid potentially costly mistakes associated with you, or your vendors, working with out-of-date designs or specifications, whilst reporting provides the tools you need to stay on top of your client, your vendors and your internal schedules and reviews.
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    Intranet Internal Publishing

  • A Quick, painless and controllable method for making public domain information readily available to your people.
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    Extranet External Publishing

  • Extended publishing for web browser access with ease and control. This website is managed and published using tmXsuite Publisher Pro!
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