Recognise these problems?

Below is a list of typical problems that occur all too frequently in today’s modern businesses. tmXsuite can help you solve these issues and get your business working more efficiently and effectively.

Critical emails are being lost or are simply hard to find

If you store all your business communication within tmXsuite, its simple user interface and flexible levels of security mean that business correspondence is easily accessible to those who need it, when they need it.

We have a shared filing system but it’s just not used properly

A number of standard correspondence filing systems already exist, many of which involve copying the mail message directly to the relevant place on the company network drive. This process is not easy and either leads to misuse or results in only certain documents being filed. tmXsuite’s intelligent filing process makes sure that an email is easily filed to the correct place, without leaving the current working window. User culture will change very quickly and the filing system remains in order.

We have a filing system, but can't find critical emails or documents quickly

Standard filing systems file the email under the relevant place in the network file system, so the data categorisation you see is only singular. Since tmXsuite stores correspondence to a database, information can be searched in any way you choose. Emails are best viewed in a mail file, not a file system, and tmXsuite gives you a flexible, tailored filing system.

Our project has been hit because we haven’t highlighted document holdups in time, and we are also not sure if our vendors are working from the correct document

tmXsuite differs to many document control systems, because it also offers real time document tracking. Both inbound and outbound transmittals are processed from the system, and the results and implications can be seen immediately. The tmXsuite allows you to keep ahead of the game, highlighting clients or vendors that require a transmittal of the latest approved revision update, then expediting or reporting them when they miss their due dates.

Our reports are based on complicated spreadsheets that depend on the author

Whether it’s project reports, document tracking, sales leads or timesheets, data entry in spreadsheets normally involves one person collating and inputting data. This data is only as reliable as the person inputting it and, by definition, cannot be real time. One of the objectives of tmXsuite is to remove the need for process-based spreadsheets, therefore speeding up the wheels of business. tmXsuite is populated by the people doing the business and displays the results of these actions in real time.

We keep on getting hit with fluctuating exchange rates. I thought we'd made a profit but we haven't!

A common issue when running larger projects is that you may be budgeting in one currency, delivering the project in another, and using a variety of other currencies to order materials and services. The result will be an inevitable change to project margin due to an exchange rate variance.

tmXsuite uses a combination of base currencies for each project: a budget, company, contractual and reporting currency and, each transaction through the system will record the fx variance of that transaction. So we can report and record the results, whilst you can manage your project with your eyes open, not your fingers crossed.

Our project ran over budget before we noticed!

tmXsuite has comprehensive budget management functionality, which visually displays the budget position on every operation. Combined with a workflow process that can be configured as strictly as you wish, it means there will be no nasty surprises at the end.

Our man hour costs are out of control. We have a timesheet system but it’s restricting the way we work.

tmXsuite’s timesheet system is highly configurable and can be structured to fit around you and the way you work. Project managers can restrict who can book time to their project, and can see how the man hour costs are comparing to their budgetary position.

I have no idea what our other global companies are doing, or how they are doing it

A common issue for many expanding companies is finding a medium that allows them to collaborate even though they are thousands of miles apart. One solution is to allow everybody to connect to a middle server directly, or over the web, which are either costly or cumbersome solutions. tmXsuite is based on technology that permits connection to a middle server or access over the web, but also provides a replication process which means the data set can coexist on numerous sites. This means that information is always visible, and is quick to access.

Our project managers need current project data at all times, even without internet connection

According to our customers, a real advantage of tmXsuite is the ability to have a copy of the required data on your laptop at all times, and then synchronise this data when you have internet access. This is a very powerful and impressive option for those big project meetings.

Sensitive documents are being released without approval

Every company has different rules and processes. Within tmXsuite, a highly configurable workflow tool exists which allows you to define approval routes and associated actions of every business process.

Our system does everything we need, but it's the combination of systems that is slowing us down

A common complaint we have from many prospective customers is that they have spent a fortune purchasing, or building, fixes for their problems, the result being a plethora of differing software that by its very nature is time-consuming to use, and results in misuse and corrupted data. tmXsuite succeeds in building all of your business processes under one roof, meaning usability is sound, training of new employees is cheap, and data is easily accessible to everyone.