Email Management

Collaboration is easy with tmXsuite's fully integrated email management platform

Like it or loathe it, email is now the central tool in modern business communications, and effective management of email data a critical factor in achieving business success.

With tmXsuite, email sits at the centre of your business system, providing both the integrated platform and the tools to liberate email from the in-tray and into collaborative business processes.

Start the journey

Email can be so much more than a message transfer system and must be more than a personal filing system. It is the start of a collaborative process

Key benefits

  • Automatic tagging to the correspondent and correspondent company simplifies the user experience and consolidates CRM intelligence
  • Selective tagging to a sales enquiry, project, purchase enquiry, purchase order or topic provides a focus for follow up and easy access to task-centric information
  • Filing intelligence quickly identifies potential duplication, keeping the picture simple
  • Independent correspondence business zones ensure data is held and managed in a way that matches the organisational structure
  • QuickNote tags provide an effective, clutter-free way to keep others informed or allocate responsibility for follow-up actions
  • Document management tools permit a project document or review comments to be processed directly from the in-tray, automatically updating the relevant document registers
  • Integration with the accounting modules supports direct allocation and submission of invoices through appropriate workflow approvals
  • Personalisation lets individuals customise their viewing history and context