Exchange Rates

Even a small exchange rate fluctuation can significantly impact your project margins

Using live rates from the European Central Bank and feeding back to affected projects to show your exposure and current positions, tmXsuite keeps you informed at all times.

Multi-currency Ready

Any transaction, any currency
tmXsuite has it covered

tmXsuite Exchange Rates facilitates multi-currency transactions across the system, making the latest rates available to all areas.

Key benefits

  • Flexible configuration allows a core set of currencies to be handled - simply add more as and when required
  • Five currency types can be configured and handled concurrently - reporting, budgeting, company, contract and order - allowing individual companies to operate in their own currency without affecting group reporting
  • Rates are updated nightly from the European Central Bank and historical rates recorded
  • At a glance project position forecasts based on fX gains and losses mean you don't get caught out
  • Complete project revaluations show the currency exposure of project budgets and invoices and the final revalued positions