Tracking down colleagues can be a time-consuming exercise

Let the handy tmXsuite Whereabouts movement reporting provide the answers

Who? Where? When?

No need to wait for answers

tmXsuite Whereabouts performs the role of movement monitor, carrying out background scans of everyone's calendars and and merging the data into an easily viewable summary report.

Key benefits

  • Fully integrated with the core tmXsuite calendaring system, Whereabouts scans and updates on schedule as frequently as you need
  • Open the application directly for an instant, at a glance view of everyone's movements for weeks in advance
  • Flexible categorisation options mean quickly finding the people you're looking for
  • For a more targeted and regular summary, configure customised reports for just your team for convenient delivery to your inbox
  • Flexible reporting options mean an output showing only what is useful to YOU - change the reporting window, the user pool, the recipients and delivery days