Contract Correspondence

Stay on top of your contracts with shared, intelligently linked and visible communications

Effective management of commercial correspondence is one of the keys to effective and successful contract delivery.

Clear & Available

Your client,
supplier and team
at your fingertips


Recognising the strategic importance of clear and available communications, tmXsuite Contract Correspondence delivers a platform for you and your team to keep everything on track. With simple email filing and automatic tagging of all email, faxes, letters

and phone calls against the client, vendor and purchase documentation you can be confident the correct information is in front of the right people at the right time, reducing errors and duplicated effort

Key benefits

  • Access to relevant correspondence where and when needed with complete integration with tmXsuite Projects, costing and document management modules
  • Ensure key relationship partners do not miss contractual communication with automatic correspondence referencing
  • Project mailing groups provide a simple way to adhere to client, or in house, correspondence requirements
  • Flexible viewing options allow your team to navigate and view correspondence in a way that suits their needs and role
  • Matching to existing correspondence, project and purchase document affiliations provides automatic tagging and cross reference when filing from the mail inbox
  • Email received by multiple recipients automatically updated when one recipient files to eliminate duplication
  • Allows the team to compose and send from where they are working, and tag the composition without further filing
  • Search capabilities provide quick and effective access to related contractual and commercial exchanges