Project Costing

Comprehensive, process driven project execution, budget control and cost capture.

Built from the ground up by project managers for project managers, tmXsuite Project Costing stands out in its operations focussed approach to cost and budget control

Standing Out

Built by Project Managers, for Project Managers

Fully integrated with all the contract execution modules and with common accounting packages, this module delivers a flexible end-to-end solution for project budget management and control, collating Labour, Purchases, Stock and Expenses without secondary data entry and reporting.


  • Fully configurable workflow allows commitments to be routed according to your unique business needs.
  • Ability to budget in any currency helps drive a culture of minimising exchange rate exposure.
  • Milestone, itemised or reimbursable client billing profiles ensures all contract types can be effectively managed
  • Blanket projects provide a means to manage multiple separate sub projects within the framework of a single contractual umbrella


  • Easy to use, with an intuitive interface, encourages user compliance and ensures all costing figures are updated in real time
  • Granular budgeting of significant cost items and elements highlights any cost overruns as they occur, allowing for timely remedy from the client, vendor or by management of remaining budgets
  • Ability to manage purchase enquiries seamlessly through to purchase order issue ensures a complete audit trail and, with purchase order variations, changes are tracked and visible


  • Purchase Orders encompass general and specific terms and conditions as well as documentary requirements and specifications.
  • Labour activity can be defined with time or personnel based availability scope.
  • Receipt of goods can pass through quarantine and inspection, and incorporate scanned documentation for complete traceability
  • Stocked goods supply can be tracked by batch or material certificate for compliance


  • Vendor invoicing can be entered directly by operational staff against approved commitments
  • Alerts and automated email reporting ensures customer invoicing is both properly scheduled and never missed
  • Ability to report costing figures as at a certain date provides a correlation for Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet analysis for the accounts staff
  • Percentage complete reporting supports accounting for long term projects in compliance with accounting standards

Implemented with tmXsuite Financials Integrator, the operational processes within the cost management module activity automatically creates and posts the appropriate transactions to the back end accounts package. No duplicated data entry. No additional effort. No mistakes or missed expenditure.