Business Process Workflow

A key factor to a business’ success is the efficiency of its processes. Improving interactions in a business process can improve both the speed and quality of that process.

The importance of employee participation within the current business process, or planned change in the process, is self evident, but often often these processes don’t integrate well with the way people actually work. Workflow, and particularly tmXsuite workflow, allows process logic and flows to be configured, and implemented, within the tools employees use to do their everyday work such as their email, purchasing system, document control system and CRM system.

This allows for business rules to be adhered to more easily, and information processed quicker and with greater accuracy.

Some of the business processes that may be workflow enabled within tmXsuite are as follows:

Accounts Ledger

  • Overhead AP credit note
  • Overhead AP invoice


  • Customer or vendor quality approval
  • Quality approval review
  • Withdraw quality approval/Blacklist
  • Whitelist company

Campaign Manager

  • Approve campaign template and campaign


  • Contract completion review
  • New candidate review
  • Interim review

Sales Tracker

  • Enquiry status change
  • Sales order processing quotation
  • Quotation issue
  • Sales order receipt


  • Project hours report
  • Personal and group timesheet approval


  • Balance approval
  • Bond balance approval


  • New project
  • Project status change
  • Project budget setup approval

Project Costing

  • Budget reallocation
  • Contract variation
  • AP credit note/invoice
  • AR credit note/invoice
  • Delivery note
  • Goods receipt and inspection
  • Approval of purchase enquiry/order
  • Approval of purchase order variation
  • Customer goods return
  • Stock to project transfer request
  • Project to stock transfer request

Projects Document Control

  • New document revision
  • External document review


  • New stock record
  • New stock location
  • AP credit note/invoice
  • Goods receipt and inspection
  • Approval of purchase enquiry/order
  • Approval of purchase order variation
  • Return of hired goods


  • New product classification

Some examples

Purchase Order Approval
Supplier Quality Approval