Sales Order Processing

Streamline component sales quotations right through to delivery and invoice.

Combining the capabilities of tmXsuite Financials, Stock Management, CRM and Contract Execution under our unified business suite provides an end-to-end platform for customer quotation and order processing.

Sales Efficiency

Flexible costing

Timely delivery

Accurate invoicing


  • Itemised, and incorporating specific component customer part numbers where required
  • Incorporate 'hidden' item on costs
  • Flexibility to raise quotation variations and clones to respond to customer needs

Received Orders

  • Directly from your issued quotations or e-commerce platform
  • Adherence to Quality Approvals and workflow
  • Automatic routing to the appropriate team, warehouse or service department

Purchasing & Stock

  • Automatic reservation of required stock for standard requirements
  • Complete ordering process for special and non-standard requirements, encompass general and specific terms and conditions as well as documentary requirements and specifications.

Fulfilment & Invoicing

  • Receipt of goods can pass through quarantine and inspection, and incorporate scanned documentation for complete traceability.
  • Goods can be tracked and from purchase to delivery with Batch, Serial Number or Material Certificate, incorporating bar-coding where required

Automated alerts across all associated processes ensure everyone who needs to be involved is aware of the order, that goods received are delivered without delay, and that the customer is invoiced on time.