Sales Tracker

Consolidate your sales team efforts and review performance at a glance

Every lead is a potentially profitable sale, but a forgotten lead or inappropriate response to a client enquiry is a potentially lost customer.

In tmXsuite Sales Tracker, leads are recorded as they are identified and are tracked through opportunity, quotation and finally, execution.

Deliver Results

Identify opportunity

Track progress

Quote and follow


Key benefits

  • Track every opportunity with the flexibility to view your current sales and future pipeline across the business, by value, client, country, product, sales manager or sales phase
  • Flexible configuration ensures quick entry of opportunities and enquiries with our own appropriate numbering
  • Customisable categories ensure you can follow progress in a way that makes sense to your business model
  • Standard products that you resell can be quoted and adjusted based upon item details stored within tmXsuite Product Store
  • Manage your sales correspondence. With integrated tmXsuite Correspondence Management you can be up-to-date with the latest communications to the prospective client and suppliers, and use templates for quick and accurate presentation
  • Easily convert itemised quotes when the order comes in; your operations team simply pick, pack, ship and invoice
  • Content management tools provide effective management of documentation including revision control and access

A 'lite' version of document control allows storage of documents that support the effort, such as tender documents, cost build ups, drawings and detailed proposals.

By using tmXsuite Sales Tracker, you can view and manage your future pipeline and sales successes the way you want to.