Stock Management

Improve customer service and safeguard your assets across multiple locations.

The importance of effectively controlling stocked equipment, consumables and components, whether held as assets for hire or for trade, is recognised in the way tmXsuite Stock fits in harmony with both the sales and project management modules.

Greater Oversight

With process, control, traceable, tracked inventory

Visible Control

  • Accurate stock, or inventory, visibility, with reserved, back order and future quantities clearly identified
  • Requests for stock and the fulfilment processes are seamlessly linked to project execution
  • Cost analysis available per warehouse location

Equipment Hire

  • Support for handling assets held for hire.
  • Fully integrated process through customer request and delivery, to return and itemised billing.
  • Bar coded delivery notes and three stage delivery check points makes the equipment easy to place and hire periods match contractual requirements


  • Self contained purchasing and purchase workflow support the way warehouse location staff need to operate whilst working within company policy.
  • Purchase Orders encompass general and specific terms and conditions as well as documentary requirements and specifications.


  • Receipt of goods can pass through quarantine and inspection, and incorporate scanned documentation for complete traceability.
  • Goods can be tracked and stored from purchase to delivery with Batch, Serial Number or Material Certificate, incorporating bar-coding where required

Implemented with tmXsuite Financials Integrator, all stock processes automatically create the required posting to the back end accounts package, recognising landing costs, any currency gain or loss between receipt and invoice, project or location transfers and stock valuation in as granular fashion as necessary.