General Correspondence

Correspondence management is embedded throughout tmXsuite so reclaim control, liberate your people and unlock the true value of your business.

Organised into distinct zones for project, sales & business administration activities, correspondence in tmXsuite is all about collaboration.

All types of communication including email, fax, letter, phone records, documents, purchase orders, contracts

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and agreements integrated and fully searchable making the information you need always available and easy to find.

The tmXsuite General Correspondence module handles all of your general, non-commercial correspondence and finally provides a way of seamlessly integrating a shared repository with important correspondence normally locked away in personal mailboxes.

Key benefits

  • Fully integrated with the core tmXsuite filing system, inbound mails can be filed against supplier companies or individuals and any hard-copy communications scanned in and included for a full history
  • Filed mails can be then be replied to or forwarded directly from the system instead of having to send and file again from the mailbox
  • "Topics" can be set up for tagging to sets of related correspondence and providing further categorisation and facilitation of searching
  • Individual topics can be further secured to select readers only, allowing more sensitive communications to be hidden if required
  • An optional expiry date on a topic allows the tagged correspondence to be archived, preventing older threads from cluttering up the system and keeping data fresh
  • Powerful search tools as well as numerous options for viewing the data means finding what you want quickly; categorise by topic, date, company, show me my correspondence only, plus many others
  • Customisable templates prevent duplication of effort and provide an efficient way of sending out "standard letters" and other commonly used notifications