Project Document Control

The complete history of your project documentation, when you need it, where you need it

tmXsuite Document Control reduces your risk, saves time and cuts the cost of managing project documentation.

This single module provides storage, control, distribution and analysis. It eliminates the requirement for manual registers and transmittals, avoids potentially costly mistakes associated with you, or your vendors, working with out-of-date designs or specifications, and it gives you the tools you need to stay on top of your client, your vendors and your internal schedules and reviews.

Automatically updated document registers always reflect the status as new document revisions are issued and transmitted, as well as tracking the creation and distribution of new drafts. Document registers and detailed movement tracking reports allow you to stay on top of both vendor and client reviews, with analysis available to highlight missed revision issues, actual review periods vs. contractual agreements and both overdue and near-due submission requirements.

Effective. Easy.

Reduce risks

Save time

Cut costs

vendors and clients

Best Practice Document Control

  • Secure repository for key design documentation
  • Reliable revision control and management
  • Professional, easy distribution of documents
  • Clear and effective expediting and analysis tools

Secure Document Vault

  • Revision control
  • Access Control
  • Internal review and comment
  • Check-in check-out functionality
  • Complete document history
  • Document classification classes

Transmittal Processing

  • Automatically routes documents on completed review cycles
  • Seamlessly updates the document registers
  • Provides recipient with a simple click as acknowledgement
  • Completes a summary front sheet for each document
  • Uniquely numbers all transmittals
  • Can resend if required

Embedded Registers

  • Reflect the status of each document in relation to any other party
  • Provide workflow for external review and comment
  • Multi-threaded for parallel distribution
  • Fully integrated with purchasing and tmXsuite Project Costing

Real Time Analysis & Reporting

  • Highlights overdue issues or returns
  • Superseded revisions issued but not transmitted
  • Drill down to see total review and turnaround history
  • Complete document chronology
  • Stay ahead with seven day forecasts

You can issue new revisions in seconds and tmXsuite will compile your transmittal cover-sheet and send out the documents automatically. You will know that the documents arrived when the recipient acknowledges directly to tmXsuite with a single click, and you can review the automatically generated document register at any time, in the full knowledge that you are viewing the latest status.

Exception alerts keep you informed when documents exceed contractual turnaround times or when the latest versions have not been issued. The secure vault contains every version of every formally transmitted document for your project (including commented versions). You will also avoid revision control disputes and accidental document deletion.

tmxSuite Document Control gives you the peace of mind to know you have complete control of the project document life cycle.