Flexible and comprehensive tracking of your people's time

Running a business at peak efficiency is more challenging without accurate insight into how your people are allocating their time.

Timely Insight

Complete activity tracking and reporting

With unlimited overhead and project activities, the ability to restrict to targeted people and easy input of hours, tmXsuite Timesheets shows you the complete picture.

Key benefits

  • Configure any number of activities to give you as much detail as you might need
  • Restrict the availability of an activity to select individuals or groups to prevent hours being booked incorrectly
  • Assign budget and actual rates to each activity to keep your projects' finances on track
  • Configure standard and mutiple overtime rates for added granularity
  • Configurable timesheet reminders can be sent out on schedule to users and/or managers
  • Built-in, ad hoc reporting of all overhead and chargeable activities
  • Timesheets can be on an individual or managed basis which allows for ease of input in the case of non-system users
  • Timesheet completion needs to be quick and painless! Built-in tools to copy activities and hours from previous weeks and auto-completion mean down-time is kept to a minimum
  • Project hours are fed automatically into job costing so project labour can be easily managed and kept on track and on budget