What is tmXsuite?

tmXsuite is a collaborative enterprise content management and workflow system that improves efficiency in key business processes and activities

tmXsuite is a collection of standard modules which can be combined and configured to suit a particular business's working practices and processes. Within tmXsuite, the control and management of business data and information is an integral part of the operational business process, not a bolt-on or additional task, delivering efficiency and greater accuracy.

One Common Platform

A unified platform, tmXsuite facilitates efficient data flow across the business, aided by a common look and feel for all applications and users. So, unlike individual functional or departmental solutions, it is cost-effective to implement and maintain.

Rapid Deployment

Rapid deployment of ready-to-use modules is complemented by sophisticated configuration tools. Extensive workflow capabilities in tmXsuite allow for customised routing of key technical and commercial documents through review and approval cycles, or simply for efficient distribution.

An entire organisation working together on a common platform to the same methods reduces duplication of work and costly mistakes and aids compliance with essential quality systems.

Direct Savings

Based on customer feedback, implementing tmXsuite has provided direct savings in operational costs, as well as estimated savings of between 10% and 20% in manpower resources due to improved business processes, automated functions and information availability. Cost savings related to tighter budget control and better management of technical and commercial documentation, whilst difficult to assess directly, have been generally acknowledged to have been far higher.

tmXsuite is built on the industry standard, robust IBM Domino 9.0 platform.